Plan, design, and build integrated customer experiences

Maximize conversions, average order values (AOV), and increase customer loyalty by providing a holistic customer experience with personalized touchpoints for your Shopify store.

Customer experience platform for Shopify stores

Customer data managment

CustomerVox provides a unified profile of each customer from the first interaction and throughout their journey with your brand. Give your customers that personalized experience they deserve with targeted messaging, personalized offers, and dynamic content based on accurate and up-to-date profile data.

Data science

Personalize every interaction to deliver an optimal customer experience at scale across your store, email, popups and landing pages. Tap into user preferences, context, and real-time intent to improve revenue with powerful, journey-aware product recommendations.


We gather, categorize and sort your data from Shopify as well as all customer interactions using CustomerVox. By using advanced machine learning algorithms we provide out of the box insights such as customer lifetime journey stages, personas and customer lifetime value for segments as well as individual contacts.


We enable holistic customer experience with you customers. Once we have the data, increase conversions with easy to create touchpoints that feel personal and are relevant based on previous actions and preferences of contacts. Interact through popups, emails, texts, landing pages, and your Shopify store.

Drag&drop builder

It's easy to create popups, emails and landing pages using our state of the art drag&drop builder. Use our drag&drop builder and build them in minutes. There is no coding or technical knowledge required. Customize and personalize with ease!  


Interact with your customers with targeted content at the right time, every time. CustomerVox experiences can automate emails, texts, popups as well as landing pages. You can setup experiences workflows using our visual experience wizard. It’s easy to use but at the same time immensely powerful.


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Unlimited Email Send to 5,000 Customers

200 SMS one-time credits

Unlimited Landing Pages

Unlimited Page Views

2 codes



Unlimited Email Send to 10,000 Customers

400 SMS one-time credits

Unlimited Landing Pages

Unlimited Page Views

3 codes



Unlimited Email Send to 20,000 Customers

600 SMS one-time credits

Unlimited Landing Pages

Unlimited Page Views

4 codes



Unlimited Email Send to 30,000 Customers

800 SMS one-time credits

Unlimited Landing Pages

Unlimited Page Views

5 codes



Unlimited Email Send to 50,000 Customers

1,000 SMS one-time credits

Unlimited Landing Pages

Unlimited Page Views


  • Send personalized email, SMS, pop-ups & landing pages
  • Alternative to: Klaviyo, Privy
  • Create & Send transactional emails, and offers based on the customer insights
  • Suited for: Shopify Store Owners, Ecommerce Managers