Your go-to platform for creating amazing content

Uncover gripping content ideas, powerful analytics and optimization options to leave your competitors in the dirt.

Simplify your content lifecycle from creation to conversion

Establish domain expertise and drive organic footfalls on your website with high-quality content metrics unearthed straight from the Google database.


Assert Topical Authority

Start your content workflow with targeted topics put together in a content pillar that satisfies Google’s E-A-T.


Zero In On Keywords Curated For You

In the next step, choose from billions of keywords mined directly from Google Keyword & Google Suggest Database to satisfy customer intent and enhance your credibility.


See Your Content Come To Life

You are one step closer to your final version. Piece your content together with a user-friendly, SEO optimized and collaborative text editor.


Elevate Your Writing With A.I.

Step towards the future of SEO writing with GPT-3 powered A.I. that evolves its grasp on language and writes at your command.



Great for solo user handling single project work



50 keyword lookups per day

50 content briefs per month

50 topic lookups per day

25,000 words checked per day

25,000 keyword credits per month

5,000 AI writing words per month

3,000 keywords per import

3,000-word limit per check

20 keywords list


Ideal for small teams working on multiple projects



75 keyword lookups per day

70 content briefs per month

75 topic lookups per day

40,000 words checked per day

40,000 keyword credits per month

8,000 AI writing words per month

7,000 keywords per import

7,000-word limit per check

50 keywords list


Fit best for agencies & big digital marketing firms



150 keyword lookups per day

150 content briefs per month

150 topic lookups per day

100,000 words checked per day

100,000 keyword credits per month

15,000 AI writing words per month

12,000 keywords per import

12,000-word limit per check

100 keywords list


WriterZen is a pioneer toolset that pulls data from Google keyword and suggestion databases to help generate keywords and topics that improve your SEO rankings.
  • Generate unique content ideas and use detailed insights to create content that thrives
  • Alternative to: SEMrush, Ubersuggest, and Ahrefs
  • Identify lucrative long-tail keywords using powerful filters and specialized metrics
  • Best for: Marketers, SEO content agencies, and small businesses that want to improve their search engine visibility


Beautiful & polished UI

Built-in Natural language processing (NLP)

Topic Discovery gets Keyword clusters with search volume and this gives the user the associated topics with keywords and volume.


Unable to get Allintittle data Exclusively for selected keywords.

Additional users not available yet.

Less related Keywords compared to Ahrefs