Bring your business idea to life

Build a business model. Plan and develop your idea. Create financial projections. Get a modern business plan.

How can IdeaBuddy help you?

You have a groundbreaking idea, but you feel lost, alone, or just uncertain your execution will live up to the idea. Sound familiar? IdeaBuddy will light your way from concept to completion.

Create a one-page business plan

Structure your idea and cover all the major points on a business canvas, which lets you brainstorm easily with friends and partners.

Develop your idea into a business

A step-by-step guide takes you through all the development stages, from initial idea to execution, so you don't skip any important details.

Easily make financial projections

Build a professional financial plan, make accurate projections for Profit and Loss (P&L), and see you cash flow forecast at a glance.

Every idea is safe with us

Business plans should stay secret until they’re ready to be shared, so we keep all your big ideas and personal information under strict lock and key.

Your personal data is safe with us, and nobody else can have access without your permission

We guarantee that we'll keep your ideas confidential, in accordance with the terms stated in our Terms of Service


Make A One-Page Plan

Design the basic business model on a single page, share it with others, and get a better understanding of your idea before going into details.

  • Get an example from your industry
  • Structure your idea in less then an hour
  • Brainstorm it with others


Develop Your Idea

Sketch the concept, research the market, find out what's required to set up your business, and forecast performance. Check every aspect before taking the plunge, so nothing can come back to bite you.

  • Follow step-by-step guidance
  • See the relevant examples
  • Calculate profit and cash flow without being finance-savvy
  • Get the 360 degree view of your idea


Financial Planning Made Easy

We'll guide you through the financial projections and automatically calculate your startup expenses, loan payments, profit margin, cash flow, and many other important business metrics.

  • Make cash flow projections
  • Prepare a profit and loss statement
  • Get various financial calculators


Dreamer Plan

For creative mavericks


1 Idea
1 Collaborator
Idea Plan
Business Guide
Financial Plan
Founder Plan
For aspiring entrepreneurs


3 Ideas
3 Collaborators
Idea Plan
Business Guide
Financial Plan
Business Plan
Notes and Tips
Team Plan
For startups and teams


30 Ideas
30 Collaborators
Idea Plan
Business Guide
Financial Plan
Business Plan
Notes and Tips


IdeaBuddy is an innovative business planning software that helps aspiring entrepreneurs develop their ideas and start a business.
  • With IdeaBuddy, you can collaborate with others and easily build a business model, develop ideas in detail, make financial projections, validate your ideas, and create a modern business plan.
  • All of this comes with step-by-step guides and editable templates for different types of business ideas.
  • Planning your business with IdeaBuddy is simple, easy, and fun.


Step-by-step guides.

Tutorials are good and onboarding is seamless.

UX/UI is excellent.


Need a roadmap where users can upvote features.

Limited ideas/collaborators

No business plan (Dreamer)


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