AI Powered Text to Voice Generation

Generate realistic Text to Speech (TTS) audio using online AI Voice Generator and best synthetic voices from Google, Amazon, IBM & Microsoft. Instantly convert text in to natural-sounding speech and download as MP3 and WAV audio files.

Use Cases

Voice Generation using AI

Generate realistic voiceovers for videos, podcasts, e-learning, etc. using our powerful online AI voice generator.

Audio Articles

Convert your blog posts to audio using synthetic voices to increase content accessibility, user engagement and time on page metrics.

Text to Speech API

Integrate real-time voice synthesis in your applications with an easy-to-use API. Access more than 570+ voices and accents from across different providers.



For personal use such as learning, proof-reading, school projects, etc.



240,000 Words

Standard Voices

Unlimited Previews

Unlimited Downloads


For content creators, bloggers, freelancers with commercial intent.



600,000 Words

Premium Voices

Commercial Rights

Customizable Audio Players

Podcast Hosting

Unlimited Previews

Unlimited Downloads


For teams and small companies looking to grow with audio.



2,400,000 Words

Everything in Professional

Team Access Coming soon

Automated Audio Creation

Pronunciations Library

White-labelled Audio Players


For companies and agencies looking to create audio at scale.



6,000,000 Words

Everything in Growth

Bulk Audio Creation

Multiple Teams / Websites

Multiple Podcast Hosting

Re-brand and Re-sell

Priority Technical Support


  • Instantly create professional-sounding voice overs from text and use 570+ realistic AI voices in more than 60 languages
  • Alternative to: Trinity Audio and Read2Me
  • Download, embed, or distribute your audio in high-quality MP3 or WAV formats
  • Best for: Video creators, educators, bloggers, and marketers looking to transform written content into voiceovers


Premium voices are 90% human-sounding

Text to audio conversion happens really quickly.


The embedded audio player takes a lot of time to load.

Need some filters on analytics when using on different WordPress sites.