The easiest way to start a Podcast!

Listnr helps you to convert your blog posts or any text into High Quality Speech


Powerful suite of tools

AI Voice overs

100+ Voices

Hosting & Distribution

Automatic RSS Feed of Your Podcast

Everytime you upload new content, your RSS feed gets updated hence updating your podcast on all platforms you've hosted on.

Social Sharing

Listnr lets your share your podcast on Various social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Embeddable Audio Player

Embed your Podcast Episode or Voiceovers into your Website or Blog.

High Quality, Human Sounding Voices

Listnr supports 100+ natural and human sounding voices in 22+ languages and 4(+) dialects for all voices.

Publish to any Podcast Hosting Platform

Listnr also lets you Publish to any Podcast hosting platform like Transistor, Spotify, Google Podcasts and many more.

Custom Podcast Page

Create a Custom Podcast Page for your Podcast Show and share with your audience.



Perfect for Solo producers



30,000 words per month

50GB Storage


Perfect for Startups



100,000 words per month

100GB Storage

Unlimited Audio Embeddings


Perfect for SMBs and Agencies



300,000 words per month

250GB Storage

Unlimited Audio Embeddings

Team access


Listnr is an AI conversion tool that lets you easily transform text to voice-based content, using a library of 270+ natural sounding AI voices.
  • Create high-quality voice-overs and podcasts in minutes right from the dashboard
  • Alternative to: Speechify, Voice Dream, and Speechelo
  • Host, distribute, and update your podcast on Spotify, iTunes, and Google Podcasts
  • Best for: Content creators, marketers and bloggers looking to create voice-based content


Very generous with roll over unused credits.

You aren't dinged for TTS words until you save the generated content.

Provide voice hosting with custom podcast pages.


No native WordPress integration.

No background music for podcasts.

Speech style is currently available for regular only (other options: news, customer service, narration, e-learning, documentary, etc.)