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Marketing Teams

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Founders / Indie hackers

With Article Ninja, you can easily test and evaluate your landing pages, email campaigns, social media ads and more using unlimited tools variations.

SEO Experts

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Content Creators

Article Ninja is an AI-powered content generator that allows you to create high-quality articles with a simple click.

E-commerce owners

Discover how Article Ninja can instantly generate descriptions for your products that are proven to increase engagement.

Lifetime access to ArticleNinja

Stacking is Allowed (Promo codes can be stacked by users to increase the number of text generation credits)

Multiple User Seats

Unlimited short-content forever

1K Credits/Month for up to 240K words

Ready-to-use high-quality articles (1500-2000 words)

Multiple writing styles

Professional Editor

Support for 20+ languages

Discover blog topics, website copies, social media captions

Access to all 50+ powerful writing tools (and future writing tools/templates)


ArticleNinja is a leading artificial intelligence writing tool that helps you write high-quality SEO-optimized blog articles, social media ads, sales copy, product descriptions, and more.
  • Create SEO content in a very short time, then this tool is the right one.
  • Alternative to :- Most of the current GPT-3 tools
  • You can use this tool to write articles in any niche and get more traffic, subscribers and customers.
  • Best For :- Copywriter, Blogger, Marketer, and Business Owner